REPRO Diagnostic Imaging

Manufacturers of Medical X-Ray Films and Surgical Equipments

Our Products

  • REPRO Medical X-Ray Film
    1. Green Sensitive
    2. Blue Sensitive
  • Panormaic Film (Dental)
  • Mammography Films
  • Industrial X-Ray Films
  • Screens & Cassettes
  • Processing Chemicals
    1. Manual
    2. Automatic
  • X-Rays Protection
    1. Cap
    2. Apron
    3. Glasses
    4. Tiles
  • Accessories & Misc. Equipment
  • REPRO Digital X-Ray Systems

(Quality + Precision) x REPRO = HEALTH

Over the last two decades, REPRO has served the diagnostic sector all across the world. We at REPRO take pride in our technical team of professionals providing quality system and after sales services.
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